A story of a girl who’s trying to ‘tackle’ her boyfriend’s mom


Teech SEZ: It’s been a long time since I shared the writings of others on this weblog. Enjoy this story written by one of my ex-undergrad Miss N Sakinah, that I edited a bit. It’s really sincere… and FUNNY too!!!

It’s really silly to confess but I have trouble getting along with people my first time meeting them. It has happened so many times before and I don’t really know why my shy feelings suddenly appear without my permission… especially during ‘that’ time I met my boyfriend’s mom!

Maybe I was too nervous or maybe I’m too stupid at that time. All I can do was silence myself. All the words that came out from my mouth seem lame to me. This feeling was all over me at that time, “Why am I here? Say something Kina you idiot!” And I kept on saying this in my mind.

Frankly, my boyfriend’s mom isn’t snobbish at all. She’s actually really nice. Can you see now how stupid I am? People say that the first impression is important. Sadly, I’ve failed to impress her during my first time meeting her. My lips were so heavy and hard to open and I’m unusually speechless!



Falling for you: an unrequited kind of love

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Teech Airil sezA love unsaid and unspoken, can sometimes be the strongest of emotions, but then sadly and tragically only the person feeling it… feels it. Maybe this is what real love is about? Feeling happy for someone unselfishly yet with total devotion?

A-djinn the lyrical poet says – I wrote this based on my own feelings toward someone. It is sad for me because, even if i longed for him, i couldn’t tell him the truth. It’s impossible to tell him because there is a big difference between him and me. When I see him in front of me, I still cannot tell him and that really makes me hurt because of the feelings that I keep inside. Well, no matter how much it hurts I still admire him and I hope that he will always be happy.

How sad... i've fallen for you

Falling for you

How sad
I have fallen for you


Are you in your own play? Your imagination?

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Teech Airil sezThe subjects of life and experience always fascinate me, being a student of the arts, humanities and social sciences. Look at the lines below, are you now living in your own imagination too?

Ray F the arty poet says – As AD students, we’re trained to express emotions in our drawings. Honestly, my emotions were all mixed up when i wrote this poem. Only one strong emotion that i would say i felt the most was… hopelessness. I don’t know why but writing this poem was kinda hard. Emotions were all mixed up and i can’t find the right words to say it out loud. I could say that i put myself in this poem. Something like me i guess – how i always regret what i did, and time always does its work perfectly, and well time just won’t let me go.

This could be my heaven!

She’s in the play

This crazy thing called a play


My [her] pink bra: an underwear poem!

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Teech Airil sez – Get this, a poem about a bra! How more original can you get? Written by one of the young poets in my junior lecture group, for the whole world to see… the poem lah, not the bra!!!

N-Azure the young poet says – I got the inspiration for this poem from my real pink bra and because i love anything and everything in pink! I dare to write about it because i want something different from the others, plus i think it must be attractive to write about this subject matter compared to writing about family, sadness, life and so on.

My Pink Bra

My pink bra
you are so striking!
Everytime i open my drawer
You are the very first thing i see
your appearance is very attractive
your colour… makes me hyperactive!

Oh my dear pink bra!


Life: a (beautiful) dilemma

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Salam Teech, how are you? That day I said that I would like to share with you a poem and it is actually my token of appreciation to you because you have built my confidence level and thank you so much because you gave me the oppourtunity to talk – even though sometimes i really do think that you’re so annoying :o)

Life is a Beautiful Dilemma

Life seems to be a beautiful dilemma
While I’m in an ugly reality
Surrounded by masked vampires
They sucked my trust and beliefs
Life seems to be very high
While I’m short with experience
To lead my life to the highest peak

To lead my life to the highest peak...


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