Silly-time-wasting-nothing-better-to-do FAIRY TALE (gal version)




Silly-time-wasting-nothing-better-to-do FAIRY TALE (guy version)



A story of a girl who’s trying to ‘tackle’ her boyfriend’s mom


Teech SEZ: It’s been a long time since I shared the writings of others on this weblog. Enjoy this story written by one of my ex-undergrad Miss N Sakinah, that I edited a bit. It’s really sincere… and FUNNY too!!!

It’s really silly to confess but I have trouble getting along with people my first time meeting them. It has happened so many times before and I don’t really know why my shy feelings suddenly appear without my permission… especially during ‘that’ time I met my boyfriend’s mom!

Maybe I was too nervous or maybe I’m too stupid at that time. All I can do was silence myself. All the words that came out from my mouth seem lame to me. This feeling was all over me at that time, “Why am I here? Say something Kina you idiot!” And I kept on saying this in my mind.

Frankly, my boyfriend’s mom isn’t snobbish at all. She’s actually really nice. Can you see now how stupid I am? People say that the first impression is important. Sadly, I’ve failed to impress her during my first time meeting her. My lips were so heavy and hard to open and I’m unusually speechless!


Almira yang klaustrofobia – Bahagian 01

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Teech Airil sez – This is a newly edited version of something i wrote, but like my many other projects, was unfinished. Unbelievably the project began way back on 18 February 2001. The original title was ‘Liria yang klaustrofobia’. Hopefully this time i could finish it. The main themes are: womanhood, love and belonging, being a Moslem, and also sin and redemption. Enjoy!

Bahagian 01 – Pada pagi itu

Pagi ini mentari menyinar lagi. Tapi hati Almira sedikit kelam. Fikiran Almira agak kabur.

Dalam ribuan langkah-langkah kaki yang berjalan seiringan menuju stesen-stesen Underground di kota megah London, langkah Almira kelihatan sedikit longlai pada suatu pagi sewaktu musim luruh. Walaupun pagi itu seperti pagi-pagi yang lain, ia bakal menjadi pagi yang penting untuk Almira.

Stesen Underground di kota London yang megah

“Ada tempat duduk”, bisik hati Almira dan dia terus melabuhkan diri di dalam lautan manusia yang semuanya bakal ke destinasi masing-masing pagi hari itu.


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