Remembering Fukushima 2011, Ryoichi Wago’s “Shi no Tsubute” (Pebbles of Poetry)

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I haven’t uploaded any new poem onto this weblog since 2009 (click here to read some cool old ones if you have time and space). Maybe ’cause I haven’t come across anything that speaks to my soul of late.

This does. This post is part of Ryoichi Wago’s impromptu prose as one of the survivors of that terrible disaster. He tweeted his poetry right after the Fukushima incident that came without warning. I hope his words will speak to your soul too.

At the earthquake-triggered tsunami hit area in Minamisoma, Fukushima - ABC News

Excerpt from “Shi no Tsubute” (Pebbles of Poetry)…



Three poems on LOVE = ahava, amour, cinta, liebe, pyaar, sarane


From waayyy back in February 2002, from six writings on the age of story of love, I present to you but only three. This emotion called love, is just so damn bloody difficult to understand, what more when it involves two persons who are not the same and can never be the same.

In the end, would it’ve been better to have loved and lost or to not to have loved at all? Who knows. Maybe, perhaps. Who the hell knows…



A poem for all of us who ‘think’ that we are authors and writers

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Teech Airil sez – I’ve always been fascinated by the process of thinking and writing, some authors like Stephen King can write at the rate a modern factory produces cars, others write short thought provoking thought pieces that will leave us in awe of the power of the written word.

This pre year 2000 poem below, was the result of my own frustrations in trying to write things for the Warwick University Writing Programme. Well i can tell you in the here and now, that none of my works were ever chosen and i was never inducted into the prestigious programme. But hey, we write, we get rejected (like we always do) and we live on to write another day… right?

Thank God for weblogs, Warwick Writing Programme kiss my brown ass!!!

Attending to the Form

I am an apprentice creator
(sometimes i think i’m a writer)
within these walls I create
(when everyone else is sleeping)

Sometimes i think that i am a writer...


Beget Inc: the era of made-to-order cute little human babies?

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Teech Airil sez – I wrote this pre-year 2000 poem with the future clearly in my mind. Advancements in genetics and life sciences will one day allow us to make the sentiments in this poem a reality – and create a made-to-order baby! Will that day be the dawn of the next step in human evolution? Or will it lead the end of our humanity as we know it? Well… you decide for yourself.

Beget Inc


Press START to continue

Please select gender MALE or FEMALE
Please key in MASS on the keypad
Please select COLOR
Please select HAIR
If the color you want is not available select PALETTE
Select PRIMARY color
Select SECONDARY color
Move the SLIDER BARS to desired shade
Please select COLOR
Please select EYES
Repeat previous steps
We regret to inform you due to system limitations other features are pre-set
Please select COLOR
Please select SKIN
Repeat previous steps
Calculating variables…

Thank you for your... order!


Falling for you: an unrequited kind of love

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Teech Airil sezA love unsaid and unspoken, can sometimes be the strongest of emotions, but then sadly and tragically only the person feeling it… feels it. Maybe this is what real love is about? Feeling happy for someone unselfishly yet with total devotion?

A-djinn the lyrical poet says – I wrote this based on my own feelings toward someone. It is sad for me because, even if i longed for him, i couldn’t tell him the truth. It’s impossible to tell him because there is a big difference between him and me. When I see him in front of me, I still cannot tell him and that really makes me hurt because of the feelings that I keep inside. Well, no matter how much it hurts I still admire him and I hope that he will always be happy.

How sad... i've fallen for you

Falling for you

How sad
I have fallen for you


Are you in your own play? Your imagination?

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Teech Airil sezThe subjects of life and experience always fascinate me, being a student of the arts, humanities and social sciences. Look at the lines below, are you now living in your own imagination too?

Ray F the arty poet says – As AD students, we’re trained to express emotions in our drawings. Honestly, my emotions were all mixed up when i wrote this poem. Only one strong emotion that i would say i felt the most was… hopelessness. I don’t know why but writing this poem was kinda hard. Emotions were all mixed up and i can’t find the right words to say it out loud. I could say that i put myself in this poem. Something like me i guess – how i always regret what i did, and time always does its work perfectly, and well time just won’t let me go.

This could be my heaven!

She’s in the play

This crazy thing called a play


My [her] pink bra: an underwear poem!

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Teech Airil sez – Get this, a poem about a bra! How more original can you get? Written by one of the young poets in my junior lecture group, for the whole world to see… the poem lah, not the bra!!!

N-Azure the young poet says – I got the inspiration for this poem from my real pink bra and because i love anything and everything in pink! I dare to write about it because i want something different from the others, plus i think it must be attractive to write about this subject matter compared to writing about family, sadness, life and so on.

My Pink Bra

My pink bra
you are so striking!
Everytime i open my drawer
You are the very first thing i see
your appearance is very attractive
your colour… makes me hyperactive!

Oh my dear pink bra!


I hate my mother /and/ The Grand Dame


Teech Airil sez – These two poems from 1998 mean a lot to me (of course). The first is really about my own mother after i thought long and hard about why we sometimes disagree with each other, well, most times at that time in my life really. The second is about my great grandmother who has since passed away, inspired by my idle chats with her before i left for the UK and the few years after, during my summer holidays. She passed away when i was still doing my degree. Al-Fatihah…

I’ve always had a soft spot for the many strong and wonderful women in my life, and my own mother, grandmother, great grandmother and mom-in-law are on top of the list!

I Hate My Mother

I hate my Mother because
I have too much of her in me

Layer upon layers of smiles and tears


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