Remembering Fukushima 2011, Ryoichi Wago’s “Shi no Tsubute” (Pebbles of Poetry)

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I haven’t uploaded any new poem onto this weblog since 2009 (click here to read some cool old ones if you have time and space). Maybe ’cause I haven’t come across anything that speaks to my soul of late.

This does. This post is part of Ryoichi Wago’s impromptu prose as one of the survivors of that terrible disaster. He tweeted his poetry right after the Fukushima incident that came without warning. I hope his words will speak to your soul too.

At the earthquake-triggered tsunami hit area in Minamisoma, Fukushima - ABC News

Excerpt from “Shi no Tsubute” (Pebbles of Poetry)…



Which is your love? (inspired by the sitcom ‘Mad Love’)


Teech sez: I don’t know if you’ve gotten the chance to watch this sitcom. I really love it, because it’s a great take on contemporary love. These phrases are shown on screen everytime the sitcom starts. Which one is YOUR current love? Or can you come up with your own? Happy thinking… and keep on loving!


On average couples argue 2,455 times a year!!!


* I was shocked. Because I last updated this weblog 1 year 4 months ago, ha ha…

But I was even more shocked after reading this news digest. Then again, it’s not that shocking really. If you’re in a romantic relationship at the moment, well, you understand what I mean.

Plus there are bad arguments and then there are ‘good’ arguments. Just remember to forgive and forget, to give and take – that’s what being IN LOVE is about. Right?

London, May 20 (ANI): A new survey has discovered that the average couple bickers 2,455 times a year – equal to almost seven times a day.

Researchers found that the biggest single reason for a tiff is not listening to what the other half is saying, which is responsible for around 112 cross exchanges a year, followed by money worries, spending issues and laziness around the house, reports a British daily.

Annoyance about over-spending, especially on impulsive or unnecessary purchases, leads to 109 disputes – with money in general being the cause of a further 108. Laziness caused 105 outbursts while snoring provoked 102. What to eat for dinner leads to 92 extra arguments a year – and 80 tiffs are about a partner being dirty in the house.


Skrip ‘Xpresi Remaja’ di RTM saluran TV1, episod ‘Keluarga’

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Ekspres apa di dalam hati anda bersama saya dalam program anda – XPRESI. Assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera kepada penonton di studio dan juga di rumah.

Montaj utama Xpresi, setiap Ahad, 2.30 petang

Kita semakin menuju wawasan, tetapi masalah sosial masyarakat kita juga semakin kronik. Itulah sebabnya mengapa anda semua bersama saya pada malam ini, untuk membincangkan masalah-masalah yang melanda masyarakat kita, terutamanya remaja. KELUARGA – tanpa keluarga siapalah kita. Tetapi semakin teknologi kita berkembang, nilai-nilai kekeluargaan di kalangan masyarakat juga semakin menghilang. Benarkah begitu? Kita dengar dulu apa kata mereka di dalam XPRESI.


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