Teech sez: I don’t know if you’ve gotten the chance to watch this sitcom. I really love it, because it’s a great take on contemporary love. These phrases are shown on screen everytime the sitcom starts. Which one is YOUR current love? Or can you come up with your own? Happy thinking… and keep on loving!

all LOVE

baby LOVE

blind LOVE

chivalrous LOVE

crazy LOVE

endless LOVE

eternal LOVE

everlasting LOVE

first LOVE

for LOVE

fresh LOVE


lost LOVE

modern LOVE

much LOVE


one LOVE

only LOVE

passionate LOVE

past LOVE

playful LOVE

puppy LOVE

real LOVE

resilient LOVE

romantic LOVE

secret LOVE

strange LOVE

sweet LOVE

tainted LOVE

this LOVE

tough LOVE

true LOVE

undying LOVE

universal LOVE

unrequited LOVE

with LOVE

young LOVE