* Edited and adapted for us Asian (…Malaysian) dads from a news item by Agence France Press, June 11, 2011.

Released ahead of Father’s Day on June 19th this year, a new international survey claims to have identified five types of dads including the “Hip Pop,” “Renaissance Dad” and the “Leader of the Pack.”

The American-based survey, involved a representative sample of 10,000 fathers with children under 18 years old living in the household.

According to this really cool survey the main characteristics of each of these five father ‘types’ are as below.

The Partner Dad

This accounted for 25 percent of respondents, approximately 9.8 million (American) dads.

Characteristics of Partner Dads include working with their wives to accomplish household chores and other familial responsibilities. Free time is seen as a luxury for this dad (and is spent mostly in front of the television).

The Renaissance Dad

19 percent or approximately 7.3 million dads are Renaissance dads. Personality traits include strengthening the family through learning and making a point of having dinner together every night.

His ideal free time is spent reading or jogging.

The Durable Dad

He is a man that leads by example. Generally speaking this type of father has more traditional values than others and places family first, then any other priorities in his life.

25 percent or approximately 9.8 million fathers fit this type.

The Hip Pop Dad

This type of father accounts for 5.3 million, or 14 percent of dads. Hip Pops try to be friends as well as parents to their children. Free time is spent with his close friends or playing sports.

The Leader of the Pack Dad

This personality type accounts for 17 percent or 6.6 million dads in the USA. Main characteristics include being ambitious and status oriented and instilling those values in his children.


Teech sez: “So what type of dad is your dad? Probably he’d be like my own dad, a combination of all these dad types and more!”



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Five father identities – edited and adapted for us Asian dads!

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