* I was shocked. Because I last updated this weblog 1 year 4 months ago, ha ha…

But I was even more shocked after reading this news digest. Then again, it’s not that shocking really. If you’re in a romantic relationship at the moment, well, you understand what I mean.

Plus there are bad arguments and then there are ‘good’ arguments. Just remember to forgive and forget, to give and take – that’s what being IN LOVE is about. Right?

London, May 20 (ANI): A new survey has discovered that the average couple bickers 2,455 times a year – equal to almost seven times a day.

Researchers found that the biggest single reason for a tiff is not listening to what the other half is saying, which is responsible for around 112 cross exchanges a year, followed by money worries, spending issues and laziness around the house, reports a British daily.

Annoyance about over-spending, especially on impulsive or unnecessary purchases, leads to 109 disputes – with money in general being the cause of a further 108. Laziness caused 105 outbursts while snoring provoked 102. What to eat for dinner leads to 92 extra arguments a year – and 80 tiffs are about a partner being dirty in the house.

Driving too fast, walking past items that need taking upstairs and what to watch on television are the cause of conflict more than once a week. Sex – particularly a lack of it or the timing – also causes 88 bust-ups a year. The survey also showed the average couple will argue about disciplining the children 88 times, and have a further 79 disputes about spoiling them.

The figures were revealed in a study of 3,000 people in Great Britain, either married or in relationships, by Esure home insurance.

“Bickering on a daily basis is all part of being in a normal, healthy relationship. The normal co-habiting couple will have to put up with each other’s daily annoyances – even if they can prove to be very irritating,” said a spokeswoman.

Teech sez: Edited from the news piece on the Yahoo e-network for your reading pleasure.