Teech SEZ: It’s been a long time since I shared the writings of others on this weblog. Enjoy this story written by one of my ex-undergrad Miss N Sakinah, that I edited a bit. It’s really sincere… and FUNNY too!!!

It’s really silly to confess but I have trouble getting along with people my first time meeting them. It has happened so many times before and I don’t really know why my shy feelings suddenly appear without my permission… especially during ‘that’ time I met my boyfriend’s mom!

Maybe I was too nervous or maybe I’m too stupid at that time. All I can do was silence myself. All the words that came out from my mouth seem lame to me. This feeling was all over me at that time, “Why am I here? Say something Kina you idiot!” And I kept on saying this in my mind.

Frankly, my boyfriend’s mom isn’t snobbish at all. She’s actually really nice. Can you see now how stupid I am? People say that the first impression is important. Sadly, I’ve failed to impress her during my first time meeting her. My lips were so heavy and hard to open and I’m unusually speechless!

The mom asks me a question… I replied in one sentence. She asks me in two sentences, I replied in two. To me she didn’t enjoy herself while having conversation with me. I was trying to convince her that I’m actually a really talkative person. But, I ended up only talking about lame things… “I don’t really like cats, I mean I’m scared of cats”… without knowing that the lady is a huge fan of cats! Poor me. I wanted to slam my head on the wall a few times, hoping that I become talkative just like the host of “Wanita Hari Ini”.

That was the story of my failure(s) my first time meeting my boyfriend’s mother. Well, people say once we failed, it doesn’t mean we’re a failure forever, right?

Frankly the second time meeting her… I still failed to impress her! That time I was having my breakfast with her. Would you believe it? My fork suddenly flew and fell under the table while I was eating roti canai with her! It was the most embarrassing moment in my entire life. Ever! She gave me her fork and asked me to continue eating. I kept on smiling and continued eating with a sad feeling. And that’s the story of my failure during the second meeting with my boyfriend’s mother.

After having two failures do you think I want to give up just like that? You’re totally wrong! No way am I going to give up easily…

Third time’s the charm right? This time I tried to impress her with my cooking ‘skills’. It was fasting month at that time so I excitedly learned how to cook “bergedel”. It’s a local delicacy and sometimes you eat it with “nasi lemak” or “soto”. Bergedel is so famous during the fasting month so I learned how to make them from my friend’s mother. I even watched my friend’s mom cook them with my own eyes

Next I was cooking them at my boyfriend’s house (my tactic to impress the whole family with my cooking of course). I went shopping for all the ingredients with my boyfriend’s mother. She seemed excited to taste my cooking. After buying all the stuff needed for the recipe I excitedly started to cook! I can say that my plan was a success… well almost! My boyfriend’s family really enjoyed my cooking, even though my boyfriend said that the bergedels were quite salty.

It was a good effort. Slowly I started to have confidence to show my boyfriend’s mom that I do have good qualities and I just needed time to let them all out… Problem is, if I didn’t meet the lady for some time I start to have difficulties to get along with her again! And she will also not have anything to talk about with me!

It’s really difficult to communicate with her. I try to be myself (well that’s just me) but I don’t know how to start a conversation with her.  Maybe it is because of our different age? Maybe it’s because I don’t know her yet? I just hope that one day we can be the best of friends. And I hope that she can accept me as I am. If she gives me the chance to get to know her I promise she will be happy to be my ‘friend’.

Why? Because I’m actually a really funny person and I’m happy-go-lucky as well. These are the things that she hasn’t discovered about me… NOT YET!