From waayyy back in February 2002, from six writings on the age of story of love, I present to you but only three. This emotion called love, is just so damn bloody difficult to understand, what more when it involves two persons who are not the same and can never be the same.

In the end, would it’ve been better to have loved and lost or to not to have loved at all? Who knows. Maybe, perhaps. Who the hell knows…


Find me, love.

Find me love that I may smile again
bring me sunshine now
not the rain
find me love for I am lost
(in my world)
looking around for a door
that I may walk
through and enjoy the freedom
of being me
and the chance to smile
once in a while
when no one is looking.

Where is that love that I’ve lost
the love supposed to be true
that love I shared with you
the love you said will stand
the test of time and again
that love you promised me
to give me strength in my hours of pain
the love made true, so true
the very day I found you
no cliché or pun intended?

And where is that love now
when my nights are longer
than my waking days
gone away?

Gone away.

Give me LOVE!

Don’t give me love,
sugar-coated, wrapped-up, gift-boxed.
Give me love,
freshly-picked, un-seeded, au naturel.

Love me raw,
uncooked, uncleaned, stench and all.
Not dolphin-friendly, low-fat, sugar free, no cholesterol –

Give me high-blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure and two strokes,
when you love me –


Miss Understood

As the story goes,
Miss Understood wanted to love
and be loved.

Miss Understood dare not take a chance
with her heart.
She is
all woman –
“I can only do such and such”.
all feminine –
“I won’t act like this or that”.
All stereotype.

Miss Understood
is divided in between
being a woman and being human.

She lets opportunities pass by,
she doesn’t understand why.
Her understanding is past, redundant, irrelevant.

To be understood, Miss Understood
has to take chances –
Not just to whisper, but to holler!
Grab hold of love by the collar.

Be proud of yourself Miss Understood –
when you say things that you feel
when you do things that you want.

Until Mr Understanding finds you,
or till you find him (whichever is good).
Love is love is love –
understand, Understood?