And we meet again, after months of keeping mum. Selamat datang ke Blog@TeechConsult yang telah berjaya menjalani penjenamaan semula dari bentuknya yang asal. It is supposed to be just a simple change of this weblog’s theme, but as always where html and css are concerned – nothing is ever ‘simple’ and time is consumed with a big gulp.

The original ||Blog@TeechConsult|| page header

Blog@TeechConsult now sports an Albeo short dress, err i mean, cool manly macho shirt. Kudos to the designer! The reason why i have chosen to use this theme is not because it is so gay and colourful, but due to the fact that the art nouveau-ish design goes hand-in-hand with the ‘new’ New Teech Times (make sure you visit TNTT too).

Now, as the new semester has started, time to move back to ye olde to prepare more learning support materials for my undergrads. Sehingga itu, teruskan membaca Blog@TeechConsult dan The New Teech Times, dan jangan lupa tinggalkan komen, kritikan serta saranan anda.

I am back. I am back. I’m back!!!