Teech Airil sez – I’ve always been fascinated by the process of thinking and writing, some authors like Stephen King can write at the rate a modern factory produces cars, others write short thought provoking thought pieces that will leave us in awe of the power of the written word.

This pre year 2000 poem below, was the result of my own frustrations in trying to write things for the Warwick University Writing Programme. Well i can tell you in the here and now, that none of my works were ever chosen and i was never inducted into the prestigious programme. But hey, we write, we get rejected (like we always do) and we live on to write another day… right?

Thank God for weblogs, Warwick Writing Programme kiss my brown ass!!!

Attending to the Form

I am an apprentice creator
(sometimes i think i’m a writer)
within these walls I create
(when everyone else is sleeping)

Sometimes i think that i am a writer...

The bed is home, refuge, the place between life and death
The floor is land, sea, earth, planets, the universe
The windows are perception, evolution, snippets of reality
The clocks are time, past, present, now, eternity, destiny
The mirror is deception, imageries
The bulb is light, the sun
The curtain is darkness, the moon 
This room is paper

Memories and senses are words
The pen, omnipresent

The creator turns to fire
turns to water
becomes life

Looks at the beginning
gazes at the middle
stares at the end

I have finished

“Would you like to read it?”