Teech Airil sez – Get this, a poem about a bra! How more original can you get? Written by one of the young poets in my junior lecture group, for the whole world to see… the poem lah, not the bra!!!

N-Azure the young poet says – I got the inspiration for this poem from my real pink bra and because i love anything and everything in pink! I dare to write about it because i want something different from the others, plus i think it must be attractive to write about this subject matter compared to writing about family, sadness, life and so on.

My Pink Bra

My pink bra
you are so striking!
Everytime i open my drawer
You are the very first thing i see
your appearance is very attractive
your colour… makes me hyperactive!

Oh my dear pink bra!

My pink bra
your cups are so small!
But they are fixed to my breasts
i feel so comfortable when i wear you
i can’t be apart from you
you will be my favourite bra… forever!

Oh my dear pink bra!
Even though people tell me that you are old school
i don’t even care
none in my bra collection could ever replace you
you will be mine, in my heart forever
only you… oh, my pink bra!!!