Teech Airil sezA love unsaid and unspoken, can sometimes be the strongest of emotions, but then sadly and tragically only the person feeling it… feels it. Maybe this is what real love is about? Feeling happy for someone unselfishly yet with total devotion?

A-djinn the lyrical poet says – I wrote this based on my own feelings toward someone. It is sad for me because, even if i longed for him, i couldn’t tell him the truth. It’s impossible to tell him because there is a big difference between him and me. When I see him in front of me, I still cannot tell him and that really makes me hurt because of the feelings that I keep inside. Well, no matter how much it hurts I still admire him and I hope that he will always be happy.

How sad... i've fallen for you

Falling for you

How sad
I have fallen for you

Not a joke, this is love
where I go, I think of you
what I do, I think about you
in every breath
you live in my life

How sad
I couldn’t say it out
I may never tell you
Seeing you in front of me
and i quietly shout

It hurts
I just cannot say
I long for you
I want you

It hurts me
quietly and loudly
I hope (my) love
will let you be happy