Teech Airil sezThe subjects of life and experience always fascinate me, being a student of the arts, humanities and social sciences. Look at the lines below, are you now living in your own imagination too?

Ray F the arty poet says – As AD students, we’re trained to express emotions in our drawings. Honestly, my emotions were all mixed up when i wrote this poem. Only one strong emotion that i would say i felt the most was… hopelessness. I don’t know why but writing this poem was kinda hard. Emotions were all mixed up and i can’t find the right words to say it out loud. I could say that i put myself in this poem. Something like me i guess – how i always regret what i did, and time always does its work perfectly, and well time just won’t let me go.

This could be my heaven!

She’s in the play

This crazy thing called a play

She walked down memory lane
She met the sweet moment’s fairy
Well she thought
“This could be heaven!”

She walked further
Hoping for doors or
something to open

“Oh, it’s just a stage”
The stage of her life
And it wasn’t her best show
She felt disgust
at how her show went

It’s called history now
can’t turn the clock back
can’t get a brand new clock
Time just won’t let her go

Well she is now
in heaven

(But) of her own imagination