After quite some time thinking, rethinking and also rechecking the status of, i have made the difficult decision of abandoning the Nucleus platform for a public presence at WordPress. I know, i did write that several earlier attempts to make WordPress work was doomed to failure.

But, a public presence should give more exposure to this weblog, and hopefully to TeechConsult later on. Sadly, the 3GB free space given by WordPress is very small compared to the 375GB disk space that has.

Only monkeys blog, says a Malaysian monkey politician (who now has started his own blog)!

And, apparently the reason why it has been so hard to work with both Nucleus and WordPress blog platforms is, unbelievably Windows Vista! This discovery was made after i attempted to work with the Nucleus based blog from Prof Radzi’s PC running Windows XP – the blog worked like a charm.

What in heaven and hell is wrong with Vista is beyond my limited knowledge of computers though i hope to learn and understand the reason behind this, in time. As for now, Blog@TeechConsult is confirmed as the final resting place of TeechConsult’s main, and only, virtual mouthpiece.

Blog@TeechConsult is dead… Long live Blog@TeechConsult!