Salam Teech, how are you? That day I said that I would like to share with you a poem and it is actually my token of appreciation to you because you have built my confidence level and thank you so much because you gave me the oppourtunity to talk – even though sometimes i really do think that you’re so annoying :o)

Life is a Beautiful Dilemma

Life seems to be a beautiful dilemma
While I’m in an ugly reality
Surrounded by masked vampires
They sucked my trust and beliefs
Life seems to be very high
While I’m short with experience
To lead my life to the highest peak

To lead my life to the highest peak...

I dreamt of things that are impossible to do
That time
Some human angels held me tight and took me high
To reach my dreams, hopes and expectations
By the time i reached the peak
It was hard to let them go
But with heart full of grief and tears
I had to let them go
But life seems to be tough and disgusting
I used to avoid barriers and obstacles
I used to collect stones till i lost my diamonds
But then, they taught me
to stop being a coward,
to stop counting on others
to defend myself and break the barrier
I remember those days
I tried and I tried
Days past by and I am now
Standing so tall
Beneath all the barriers I came through
Wishing to the stars, to bless me and shield me from the bad
I’m now a stronger person
And… (my) life is a beautiful dilemma

-a Saundra original piece-