This is actually my first full entry, after more than a month trying to install a blog on I gave up on WordPress, as it is S L O W and opted for Nucleus, which is a bit restricted in terms of design and stuff but hey, it’s faster and personally methinks it’s more responsive to my tweaks.

Me, trying to build and this blog

Anyway, seperti tajuk di atas, blog ini ada kena-mengena dengan TeechConsult, which also means banyak perkara yang tidak dapat disampaikan di laman utama itu akan berakhir di sini – dari penulisan di media, perbincangan luar kuliah, perkara-perkara merapu peribadi dan benda-benda yang tak terlalu merapu tentang dunia di sekeliling kita.

Oh yes, yang paling utama blog ini akan ‘mengambil alih’ apa yang pernah ditulis di MySpace… time to move on, lagi pun masa memang tak cukup kalau nak maintain kedua-duanya…

Well, whoever you are, if you have stumbled upon this blog, i bid you welcome. From time to time i shall write new entries with many different subject matters, i’m sure there will be something for everyone. If not, then there’s always…

Happy reading? Well just read-lah… no matter if it makes you happy or not :o)

And to begin, let me end with this, something written in ‘Poetical Moves’, which of course, like everything else in my life, remains a plan filed somewhere in my mind, until the world is ready for it… or not, or never, whatever.

Contents of My Dreams

in my Dreams, reality has no home
only imagination lives with memories
in my Dreams, there is no time and space
only eternity and being exist
my Dreams is where i comprehend things
where me, has a meaning
the freedom of not having to be
caged in only one form but i am formless
free to roam all planes with the ability
to become me again
when my Dream ends